The stroll of Marine of Calella (Passeig de Mar) was projected among the years 1895 and 1904, which was finished making the last row of trees.

Its great instigator was Mayor Manuel Puigvert and, for that reason, nowadays it takes his name.
In 1927, and following the planning of the architect Jeroni Martorell, it was remodeled with the railing still nowadays existing.

Calella owns an extension of more than 2 kilometers of beach, divided in three sections. The first of them, the Beach of Rocks (La Roca Grossa), of 750 meters, the Beach of Garbí, with a little more than 800 meters and the most extensive, the Great Beach, with an approximated length of 1400 meters.

The width oscillates between the 25 and the 70 meters, approximately.
The point of our coast, wich maybe is the most visited is the zone kown as the Rocks. Under the bulk of Capaspre, where the Lighthouse is located, we have an extensive zone of rocks, to what more singular, offering of Calella an advance payment than will be the Costa Brava, a few kilometers more above.

He is remarkable by its innumerable coves, one of them with zaona nudist one. The most well-known and visited zone is the one of the Roca Grossa(Great Rock), with an immense rocky crag to horse between the sand and the sea, that name gives to this zone. You you cannot lose.
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