Of all the buildings characteristic of the city, perhaps most representative they are Can Giol, Can Palmada and the Historical Archive of the City.

Can Giol, situated in “La Plaça de la Constitució”, gothic-Renaissance big rambling house of century XVI, with a magnificent facade where it emphasizes the flat vestibule, machicolation defensive and two gothic large windows.

The main window is centered by a shield.
Can Palmada is the popular name that is given to "Can Salvador de la Plaça", and that lodges the Municipal Library at the moment. The building conserves architectonic elements of the centuries XV and XVI, between which it emphasizes a gothic geminate window. In a corner there are the braces that maintained machicolation defensive.

Located in the "Escoles Pies", the Historical Archive of the City (Museu Arxiu), it is located in a house of the century XVII and a building Annex, was founded on 1959, although it wasn’t opened to the public until 1979. The ground floor is dedicated to the traditional offices and a sample of documentation regarding the overseas commerce. The first stage is dedicated to “Pinacoteca Gallart”, with more than two hundred works of the artist Lluís Gallart, basically paintings and drawings of figurative type. The second plant counts on the ensemble of pieces and furniture of an old chemist of Calella and it can be also contemplated the reproduction of an old kitchen with all utensils, as well as a sample of dresses, embroidering and diverse artisan works done by traditional bobbins.
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