From sides of century XV it was dedicated to Saint Telm, the patron Saint of the sailors, and one stayed under this invocation until the 1820. Its greater altar had been presided over by a magnificent gothic altarpiece, destroyed in 1936.

This primitive building was qualified as a parish in 1528, the year of the ecclesiastical emancipation of Pineda, while it was constructed the new church of Santa Maria and San Nicholas. It was also used like place of meeting of the Common one when the House of Villa did not exist yet and also it made functions of school during some years.
The building, of a ship with a lateral chapel next to the sacristy, was recovered in 1702.

Its facade, of simple invoice, has the flat vestibule of round point with the image of the saints.

It is in number 20 of the street of Francesc Bartrina, corner with the Jovara Street.
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