Tarragona is the capital of the county of Tarragonés.

This city was declared "World Heritage City" by UNESCO on the 30 of November of 2000, and from that point the city has made an intense effort to be more and more perfect to everyone!
In the year 45 BC and after constructing its walls and a port Julio Cesar designate this colony with the name of "Colonia Urbs Triumphalis Tarraconensis".

It is a splendid millenary city with a population of 109,557 in habitants. It presides, due to its importance and beauty, the entire area of the Costa Dorada. It was the origin of the Romanization of the Iberian Peninsula and afterwards of its Christianization. It boasts a unique Roman and medieval monumental collection.
The Gothic Cathedral, the Roman walls and towers - with cyclopean bases - and other historical buildings and remains can be visited following the exceptional Paseo Arqueologico (Archaeological Avenue), atop which one can overlook a magnificent panorama of the interior district.

There are plenty and excellent beaches: El Miracle, under the mirador of Rambla Nova, known as the "Balcony of the Mediterranean", La Arrabassada,2 km away, La Savinosa and Playa Llarga, a huge beach, one of the best on the Catalonian coast.
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