The Tibidabo Mountain is one of the city's landmarks for a number of reasons. First of all, the emblematic church of the same name is located on its peak. Secondly, the amusement park, constructed in 1899, is the oldest of its kind in Spain and the second oldest in Europe. Due to its long history, the park has maintained some classic attractions, well-known and popular amongst locals, while at the same time incorporating the latest in amusement park fare.

One of the most unique items, for example, is an exact replica of the airplane that was used for the first flight between Barcelona and Madrid in 1928. The airplane gives visitors the chance to see the city from above for a few moments without ever having to leave the park.

The park also includes the Tibidabo Museum of Automatons, located in an old theatre that dates back to 1909. It houses a collection of old mechnical toys that worked by inserting a coin, which were common at European fairs in the past. The museum is amongst the most complete in its genre, especially because the pieces are in such excellent condition, and the collection includes many peculiar mechanical toys pertaining to that era.
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